.NET Serverless (Lambda)

Self-Paced Lab

Version 1.0

Duration: 60 minutes

Purpose & Background

In this lab, you will create a simple AWS Lambda project using the Visual Studio to create a lambda function that will resize a jpg file saved in a bucket into a different folder in the same bucket. It shows how to configure and associate an event to a lambda function as well as how to troubleshoot using the CloudWatch logs.

Note: This Lab includes a small amount of sample code illustrating a pattern for lazily generate resized images. For deploying a service to resize images to production, consider using the Serverless Image Handler, which is a robust solution to handle image manipulation.

Lab Exercises

The following exercises should be completed in order for this lab: 1. Create an AWS Lambda Project 2. Create an S3 bucket and a role 3. Deploy to AWS Lambda 4. Create and Associate the S3 Event to your Lambda 5. Upload files and check the lambda execution


The following prerequisites are required to complete the lab: