Part 1 - Setting Up the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

In this task, you will configure AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. The Toolkit for Visual Studio is distributed in the Visual Studio Marketplace. You can also install and update the toolkit using the Extensions and Updates dialog within Visual Studio.

1. Navigate to the page AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

2. In the Download section, choose Toolkit for Visual Studio to download the installer.

3. To start the installation, run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.

Before you can use the Toolkit for Visual Studio, you must provide one or more sets of valid AWS credentials. These credentials allow you to access your AWS resources through the Toolkit for Visual Studio. They’re also used to sign programmatic web services requests, so AWS can verify that the request comes from an authorized source.

You will be creating a new IAM users for the purpose of this lab.

4. Navigate to the AWS IAM Console

5. Click Users on the left navigation pane click “Add User”

6. Provide a user name and select “Programmatic Access” as the Access Type. Click “Next:Permissions”

7. On the Set Permission dashboard, click “Attach existing policies directly” and select “AWSElasticBeanstalkFullAccess”. This policy provides full access to AWS Elastic Beanstalk and underlying services that it requires such as S3 and EC2. Click “Next:Review

8. On the review page, click Create User.

9. Once the user is created, click “Download .csv” button to download csv file including access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Now you can create a new profile within the Visual Studio:

10. Open Visual Studio, on the View menu, choose AWS Explorer.

11. Choose the New Account Profile icon to the right of the Profile list.

12. In the New Account Profile dialog box, following fields are required:

-   Profile Name:

-   Access Key ID:

-   Secret Access Key:

13. Provide a Profile Name and then click Import from CSV file and choose the CSV file you downloaded in previous step. Click OK

14. Make sure new profile is created in AWS Explorer.