Part 1 - Create an Amazon DynamoDB table

Please follow the instructions below to create an Amazon DynamoDB table using the management console.

1. Log into the AWS Management console at

2. Click on “DynamoDB” under the Database category, or alternatively type “Dynamo” into the search box then click “DynamoDB”. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - DynamoDB in Database category of AWS Management Console

3. Click the “Create Table” button to display the Create DynamoDB page.

4. On the Create DynamoDB table page, enter “LabSessionState” (no quotes) for the table name, and “SessionId” (no quotes) as the partition key (leave the dropdown for data type as “string”).

5. Leave Sort Key unchecked and leave the “Use default settings” checked, and click the “Create” button to create the table. It will take a few moments for your table to be ready for the next step.

6. Once the table is created, on the “Overview” tab, under “Table details”, click “Manage TTL” next to “Time to live attribute”. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 - DynamoDB Overview Tab

7. In the, “Enable TTL” dialog, enter “TTL” (no quotes) as the TTL attribute (see Figure 3). This is the JSON attribute that DynamoDB will use to expire items from our table. This attribute will be set for each session state bag we store in DynamoDB in the IDistributedCache implementation we create in Part 3 of this lab.

Figure 3 - Setting TTL Attribute