Part 2. Create Amazon Cognito Group and Test User

In this task, you will create a Cognito group and add a user to it. You will be using this user to login to your web application

1. Click on Users and groups in the left navbar, select the Groups tab and click Create group

2. Enter the following and click Create group

  • Name: CalendarWriter

  • Leave IAM Role and Precedence textboxes blank

3. Select Users tab, click Create user, enter the following and click

Create user:

  • Username: testuser

  • Uncheck Send an invitation to this new user?

  • Temporary password: Password@1

  • Phone Number: blank

  • Uncheck Mark phone number as verified?

  • Email address:

  • Check Mark email as verified?

4. Now let’s add the testuser to the CalendarWriter group, select the Groups tab and click on the CalendarWriter group

5. Click Add users and then click on the + symbol next to the testuser to add to the group

Note: New users created via the admin console will have to choose a new password on first login, we’ll handle this in JavaScript

Info: For an application with large numbers of users you would typically bulk import your users, or allow them to register via your web-application, both of which are supported in Cognito.