Part 1 - Create Amazon Cognito User Pool

In this task, you will create and configure User Pool using AWS Management console. Cognito User Pool will contain users, and the groups to which they belong

1. Open the AWS Console, navigate to the Cognito UI and click Manage User Pools

2. Next click Create a user pool

3. Enter “WebApi Calendar App Users” for the Pool name and click Review Defaults

4. Click on Add app client…

5. Click on Add an app client

6. Enter the following and click Create app client

  • App client name: CalendarWebClientApp

  • Uncheck Generate client secret checkbox

Note: the Cognito JavaScript SDK doesn’t support using secrets (as the source code is viewable in the browser)

7. Click Return to pool details

8. Click Create pool

9. Make a note of the Pool Id for use later in the walkthrough

10. Click on App clients in the left navbar and make a note of the App client id for use later in the walkthrouh