Cognito Serverless

Duration: 120 minutes


External facing applications nearly always need some way to authenticate, store, and manage users. Developers typically rely on a custom user database solution to store and manage users. This approach usually leads to challenges with scaling to large numbers of users. With Amazon Cognito developers can offload the storage, management and authentication of users to a managed service that scale to the millions of users.

Topics covered

In this walk-through, you’ll build the following:

  • An Amazon Cognito User Pool to authenticate, store and manage users

  • Configure and deploy an ASP.NET Core Web App that will be hosted in AWS Lambda and fronted by API Gateway

  • A client-side script will authenticate user against Cognito and get back a JSON Web Token (JWT) which it will then pass in the HTTP Authorization header to our Web API methods that require authorization


To successfully complete this walkthrough you will need Visual Studio and an AWS account.

Note: if you do not have Visual Studio installed on your laptop please see the Need Visual Studio? for instructions on how to install Visual Studio.