Part 1 - Creating a Sample Web Application Project

In this section, you will be creating a new ASP.NET Web Application in AWS CodeStar using sample projects.

1. Navigate to the AWS CodeStar Console

2. Choose “Start a project”, if you are prompted to create a new service role, click yes.

3. In the left pane under programing languages, choose C#, and then choose ASP.NET Core Web Application

4. Give your project a name. In this lab we use “myapp” name for the Project name and Repository name sections.

5. Choose AWS CodeCommit as your source control system.

6. On Review project details; you can see the services that will be configured and used by AWS CodeStar.

7. Click “Edit Amazon EC2 Configuration” button at the top right corner which allows you to choose Amazon EC2 instance type, VPC and Subnet for your deployment.

8. After reviewing EC2 configuration you can Save and hit Create Project to deploy your AWS CodeStar project.

10. When you hit Create Project, you may be prompted with creating a display name/email for the developer user, just follow the prompts, once completed the deployment process will start and you will be presented with the IDE selection page.

11. While deployment is underway, on the “Pick how you want to edit your code” page: Choose AWS Cloud9 and wait until Clone repository URL is populated with the URL of your source control system. (in this example: )

12. On Set up your AWS Cloud9 environment page choose t2.micro and accept the defaults. Click Next.

13. It will take a while for your application and IDE environment to be deployed.

14. When completed you can review all the services and tools from the AWS CodeStar Dashboard.

15. Navigate through the AWS CodeStar dashboard which is a single pane of glass for the deployed application and all the supporting AWS tools and services used.

16. You can see the application endpoint on the right side of the dashboard, click and visit the default page.