Welcome to the Microsoft on AWS Development Day Site


Go to Lab Login and enter in the code given to you to get started with your account for the labs.

Note if you already have an AWS account, open the above link in Cognito mode so that you don’t accidently make changes to your AWS account.

If you need a Visual Studio environment, then click below to create it in your account:

Click here to deploy the Lab into your account

1. Review the pre-set defaults and click Next

2. Review the Stack Name and parameters and click Next

3. On the Stack Options page, take the defaults and click Next

4. Finally on the Review screen, scroll to the bottom and click Create Stack

5. On the CloudFormation console page

a. Check the box next to your Stack Name to see its details.

b. If your Stack Name is not displayed, click the refresh button (circular arrow) in the top right until it appears.

c. If the details are not displayed, choose the refresh button until details appear.

6. Choose the Events tab for your selected workload to see the activity log from the creation of your CloudFormation stack. Wait for it to say CREATE_COMPLETE

Let’s get started! (click an option to the left)